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ÜBERRITO: [oo-ber-EAT-oh] noun

1. An awesome combination of Über-fresh and tasty ingredients that Ü select to build the ultimate burrito, bowl, salad or nachos. 2. The world’s first four-pound burrito built to order from the ground up with two 14-inch flour tortillas and fresh ingredients.

Mission Burrito is now ÜBERRITO Mexican Grill!

We have a new name, but the flavor and choices stay the same! We have been winning over our guests for years with our Über-fresh and tasty ingredients that surpass the others in the sheer amount of choices and flavors! We will continue to hand-scoop tons of avocados, slice and dice endless tomatoes and jalapeños, and squeeze zillions of limes to help create our savory guacamole and salsas that complement the ultimate burritos, bowls, salads and nachos our guests create every day.

But wait—there’s MORE!

Don’t forget about our signature “Ten Tasty Tacos.” These flavor-packed culinary creations will leave you with cravings you never knew you had!

And don’t think for a second this is all about us! We will always continue to take care of those who help take care of us by supporting our schools, the military and various charitable organizations.

We believe that you shouldn't mess with a good thing! And we haven’t! We promise you the only thing that has changed is our name! Don’t believe us?! Let us make your next meal and prove it you… We dare you!


Level: 1

Suite F100 | Phone: 281.371.7150